Dr. Yamen Chaer

Gynecomastia - Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast surgery is a surgical procedure to remove increased breast tissue in men, it is the increasingly common aesthetic process in men to significantly increase the confidence in the body and the self-esteem of the man. The presence of excess fat in male breasts is a condition that causes an increase in breast tissue in one or both breasts, there are different factors ranging from lack of exercise and poor diet to hormonal problems. Although this condition is not considered a serious medical problem, it can prevent men from achieving a firm and toned chest. Gynecomastia surgery removes these "man boobs" to produce a more attractive breast contour.

Benefits of male breast surgery:

  • Restore confidence and self-esteem
  • Better posture
  • Most attractive figure
  • Better fitting clothes

Consult with the Specialist

Your surgeon will carry out a general health check to make sure that you have the right profile to undergo the surgical procedure, or if you suffer from any disease that could compromise the surgery.

The initial consultation is very important because all the details you need to know about the procedure will be carefully explained and of course you will have the opportunity to ask your surgeon any questions. The methods used will vary depending on the cause of your gynecomastia, so your surgeon will discuss all options with you during your consultation.

What to expect the day of surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is regularly performed under local anesthesia. It is a relatively short procedure. The breast reduction operation in men consists of removing the male mammary glands through a small incision made in the areola or removing fat from the area thanks to liposuction.

What to Expect After Your Surgery

The visible effects of cosmetic breast reduction surgery are immediate, however, the definitive result is appreciated three months after surgery. Inflammation and tenderness are normal postoperative symptoms, which will gradually decrease. I recommend to my patients a day of bed rest and pain relievers for a few days after surgery. The patient can perform physical exercises after 3 weeks, in the same way he will be able to resume his daily routine in a few days.

Dr. Yamen Chaer

The doctor. Yamen chaer rafeh, specialist in plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic and caumatology surgery, graduated from the Hermanos Ameijeiras Clinical Surgical Hospital, Havana, also trained as a general surgeon at the Ronaldo Gazolla Hospital, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, studied medicine aesthetics at the Instituto Pinto Europa, in the city of Ghent, Belgium, and the Jhon Kennedy University in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.